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Product Description

Oil Drilling SOLUTIONS      

What Are Enzymes?

  Enzymes are Proteins

  Enzymes are Biocatalysts

  Manufactured from Plant, Animal and Microbial sources

  Specific in Action (pH / temp / Substrate)

Why Enzymes ?

  Environment-friendly (100% bio-degradable) .Required in significantly less quantity as Compared to conventional.   

  Chemicals, thereby reducing storage and handling costs drastically.

  Safe & Easy to handle and apply in process Rapid acting, leading to reduced process time and improved


  High specificity ensures that enzymes only act on the substrate intended for, leaving other things intact.

Why Advanced Enzymes??

  Vast range of enzymes for variety of Substrates State of art R & D set-up to support customers for application   development.

  Ability to offer customized enzymes as per requirement in any quantity.

  Large capacity to cater to bulk requirements typical in Oil Drilling.

Challenges & Solutions

Challenges :

   Proppant slippage out of fracture due to fluid viscosity.

   Filter cake formation on bore wall & fractures reducing oil productivity of the well.

   Difficulty of solid liquid separation in drilling fluid during disposal in mud pit / poor settle ability of   

             Solids in mud pit .

  Difficulty to handle bulk volumes of conventional chemicals for viscosity reduction.

  Poor biodegradability of drill mud.

Solution :

         SEBStar HT Max (for starch based viscofiers / higher temperatures in operation)

         ViscoSEB HTX / SacchariSEB C6 L (CMC / Xanthan based viscofiers).

         SacchariSEB ML (Guar gum based viscofiers )

Products we can offer

Product Enzyme Type End application / Substrate:

  SEBStar HT Max / SEBStar HTL

  High Temperature Alpha Amylase

  Starch hydrolysis / viscosity breakdown of starch based viscosfiers

  SEBStar MT Medium Temperature

  Alpha Amylase

  Starch hydrolysis / viscosity breakdown of starch based viscofiers

  SEBAmyl GL Max Glucoamylase Rapid viscosity breakdown in combination with alpha amylase for starch based viscofiers .

Product Enzyme Type End application / Substrate

  ViscoSEB HTX Multienzyme complex Multienzyme complex for a host of polysaccharides including     


  ViscoSEB TBG Betaglucanase Viscosity breakdown for gums with high glucan content

  SacchariSEB C6L Cellulase Viscosity reduction for cellulose based viscofiers CMC

  SacchariSEB ML Mannanase Viscosity breakdown for  mannan based gums liked guar,xanthan

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